The Company

Newstar Chemicals (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1999. The co-founder and senior scientist, who formulated the chemicals, was educated in UK where the products were developed and field tested. After 18 years of research, development and certification he returned to South East Asia to set up a manufacturing plant for the Hartindo range of Anti Fire Chemicals.

For the past 60 years Asia has depended on imported fire extinguishing chemicals from the West, mainly the USA and Europe for all their fire fighting requirements. Newstar Chemicals has broken this chain and is proud to be the first company in Asia to produce and export fire fighting chemicals in their own right:

- HARTINDO AF11E Clean Agent Halon Replacement

- HARTINDO AF21 Total Fire Inhibitor

- HARTINDO AF31 Fire Extinguisher / Inhibitor

Newstar Chemicals is fast becoming the leading fire fighting company in Asia manufacturing its own range of advanced fire fighting chemicals. Newstar Chemicals is based in Malaysia and has the opportunity to set new standards in fire prevention technology that the rest of the world will have to follow.   All other fire companies in Asia are agents for chemicals belonging to a foreign manufacturer. Newstar Chemicals in-house technology is being internationally recognised and the development of Newstar Chemicals as one of the world's leading fire chemical companies, setting new standards in fire fighting technology is inevitable as well as unstoppable.  

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